Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not-So-Virgin Eyes

“Ah! Shield my virgin eyes,” said the red-faced teenager watching a saucy scene from a movie with her parents in the same room.

I used to joke about shielding my virgin eyes from the TV screen every time a kissy-romantic scene would show. Or every time an inevitable sex scene would commence. Even though most of the movies are good at hiding the parts that shouldn’t be shown on television, they’re also good at making the scene an emotionally charged, intense moment.

After being out on my own and married for eight years, I’ve become slightly desensitized to the stuff they show in movies and on TV these days. I thought that I had a pretty good feel for “safe” movies to watch and own.

What I’ve discovered is this – if you think you know a “safe” movie from a “not safe” movie as far as sexual content, language, and violence, watch said movie with your grandma, and then make your judgment.

I was so embarrassed on Christmas Eve when I watched The Holiday with Sheldon’s grandparents in the same room! I’ve watched the movie twice before with Sheldon. I never felt embarrassed, uncomfortable, or red-faced while watching it. But viewing the movie with people born in the late ‘20s made me realize how much sex was actually in it.

Way past “not safe” and into the category of “raunchy” is 40-Year-Old Virgin. One word – ew! I wasn’t just red-faced, I wanted to put a bag over my head and crawl under the couch cushion to avoid looks from the elders. And I didn’t even pick the movie out! I claim no fault of my own. But I was still embarrassed.

I still love The Holiday and I won’t stop watching it with my husband, I just won’t watch it with children, elders or horny teenagers. I’ve learned two things.
1. Maybe watching current TV series and movies has changed what I consider to be appropriate over the years.
2. Always check the rating before watching a movie with family.

On a side note, a new movie I’d like to see is The Bucket List. No, I don’t know what the rating is, so if you’re a child, an old person or a horny teenager, don’t ask to accompany me. I’ll probably get embarrassed.

Happy Movie Viewing!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Juan's Home!!

As requested, the photos from Juan's return home from Iraq. We love you Juan!