Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Change of Heart

If you've been around me recently, you would know that I'm pretty settled in to being the mother of one... and only one. However, something is happening. Something is changing in me. Is it my biological clock? Is it God? I don't know. But what I do know is I have this undeniable desire to have another baby... but just one more. Two kiddos would be the end of the line.

I'm not saying I want to jump in the bed right now to procreate. I'm just saying that the desire is beginning to fester. I think of many, many holiday seasons from now and I see Christmas mornings with more than one child tugging at my pj's to get out of bed. I see siblings running to find the first Easter egg of the hunt, and I see Sophie having a baby sister or brother with whom she shares a bond that only siblings share.

Maybe this is the culprit of my new found desires...

Sophie LOVES Josiah (for those who don't know, a baby boy that I keep during the day). He's a little bundle of sweetness... most of the time, and Sophie misses him when he's not here, even though her favorite words when he is here are "mine" and "no".

On the mornings when Sophie and Jojo go to Mother's Day Out, Sophie asks for him before we leave the house and she announces his name when we arrive at his house to pick him up. She kisses him at least five times a day and loves to give him hugs, pat him on the back when he's trying to burp, and push him in the swing when he's trying to sleep. All this to say, I think Sophie would love a little sibling. She'll always have Jojo, but if they get married then who would be her brother? Haha!