Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swingin' Good Time

Our neighborhood has a cute little playground that I've been excited about using since I was pregnant with Sophie. It's not that big, but it's the memories of my parents taking me to the park when I was a child that make me want to experience that with my baby girl.

I remember my dad standing on the ladder end of a really tall slide telling me it's okay and that I wouldn't fall. I went down the super high (at the time, I'm sure) slide and that was the beginning! I was addicted to slide-riding. I had no fear of the gi-normous slide any longer partly due to the fact that my dad said I wouldn't get hurt and he knew everything.

Well, Sophie's not old enough to ride the really tall slide yet, but she is old enough to hold herself up in the swings! We went to the park on Thursday, camera in tow, and swung in the baby swings. She had so much fun. The first time I put her in the swings - maybe a month ago - she just scooched down in the swing making her little concerned facial expression. This week she was all wonder and smiles.

Here are a few of my favorites of the little chickity.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who is Michigan?

For about three weeks now different men have been texting and calling me asking the random, "what u doin'" and "whassup". When I reply that I don't know who they are, they ask me if I'm Michigan. I have no idea who this "Michigan" character is or why she (I assume she) is giving out my number to all these men.

My little theory is that Michigan is a fake name and some lady who wants to experience her wild side is going out under this name and then giving men her "fake" phone number when she departs...therefore leaving me to deal with all these poor guys calling for more...whatever.

The first guy who texted me told me that he must have left his "...wallet in the hotel room last night." He was nice enough to apologize for "getting the wrong number." "Phew," I thought. Thank goodness it's documented that it was a wrong number and my husband didn't happen to stumble upon that text! How would I explain that?

The next two guys, especially the last one, have insisted that I am Michigan. Neither apologized for getting the wrong number. Instead they continually call hoping that maybe some strange lady is actually answering Michigan's phone and that the true woman they were with will pick up one of these times. Ugh! So annoying!

Well, I am not moonlighting as "Michigan". And the woman behind the phone number that Michigan so freely gives out is getting tired of fielding her calls. So if you're Michigan, stop giving out my number! Find another "fake" number to give out.

Meanwhile, in my normal little life, my baby girl is growing everyday. She'll be seven months old on Saturday! Here's a picture of her on Mother's Day. My sweet girl.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tired Momma's Dinner

Sore from a body shaping class the previous day, scatter-brained from re-organizing a guest room, and tired from daily care-taking of a precious little girl, I find myself staring into the pantry wondering what I might eat for dinner at 8:30 p.m.

Chili? No, too much preparation. Ooo, an omlet! Nah...I would have to shred cheese. Yogurt raisins! Those sound good, but I can't just eat yogurt raisins for dinner. I know, soup would be perfect. Open the can, pour into bowl, microwave. Voila! After rummaging through the pantry for a few minutes I realize my soup must have disappeared into thin air. One last option - a lean pocket. Perfect! Two minutes and dinner is ready.

So that's what I had - a lean pocket and some yogurt raisins. For dessert? Two super-yummy chocolate Mother's Day gift to myself. And I'm ok with that. I get to eat my dinner in my PJs relaxing to lullaby music through the baby monitor.

Before I finish off my turkey-cheese pocket and sign-off to wash bottles, here's a cute picture of my little cutie!