Sunday, June 14, 2009

All at once!

For weeks Sheldon and I have been awaiting the moment when Sophie would take her first true crawl steps. Over a month ago she started moving by pushing herself backwards with her hands. Then she learned to pull forward. Her next feat was learning how to balance on her hands and knees. Once she got that down, she wouldn't stay on her knees for long. Her movement forward was more of an "army crawl" or some type of "fish flop". Or she'd wobble on her knees for a bit and then flatten out on her belly.

Early this week she took her first real crawl steps, two or three in a row! By the end of the day she was crawling across the room. Two days later she decided she could pull up in her crib on her knees. The next day she was standing in her crib!

As a mom I'm thinking, whoa! Too fast... you're learning way too fast. My little girl is growing up all in one week! Pulling up leads to walking and walking leads to walking right out of babyhood and into toddlerhood.

Some recaps from Sophie's busy week...
Once Sophie learned she could crawl anywhere in the house, mommy learned that there are way too many things that could harm baby in crawl's reach.

Sophie pulled the doorstopper cap off the doorstopper - Mommy took it away. Sophie pulled the doorstopper out of the wall - Mommy thought, "how did she do that?" and then took it away.

Sophie's perspective: Sophie helped Daddy clean the kitchen.
Daddy's perspective: Sophie pulled herself up to the dishwasher and banged on the dishes while Daddy cleaned the kitchen.

Sophie found an electrical outlet and was one millimeter away from sticking her pinky in one of the holes before Mommy bolted across the room to stop her.

Out of a room full of toys, Sophie found the one item that had an electrical cord attached to it and decided it would be fun to chew on the metal prongs.

Sophie crawled under one of our barstools and pulled herself up to standing position holding onto the legs of the barstool. She was so pleased with herself. She stood under the barstool, a little wobbly, grinning from ear to ear.

As for bumps and bruises... Sophie has hit the floor, an end table leg and the dishwasher door this week. It breaks my heart every time she falls. I don't know if I can handle her learning to walk!

Here are some pics of Sophie's successes this week: