Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Parents' night out

So many changes occur when two worlds collide. Our previous D.I.N.K. (double-income, no kids) world collided with Sophie’s world. Sometimes it feels like it’s only Sophie’s world and the independent-adult-do-whatever-you-want world no longer exists.

I love my daughter more than there is space on the internet to it explain how much I love her, but sometimes I want to creep back into D.I.N.K. world for a few hours. It’s like peeking behind a curtain while this other life is going on and thinking, “When should I go back in… during the long shower, during the night at the movies or during the long sleep-in on Saturday? Ooo, or maybe I could jump in during the evening out at the fancy restaurant!”

Last Saturday Sheldon and I got that chance to “jump in”. Thanks to our awesome LG friends, we were able to have a lovely dinner at 135 Prime. Everything was perfect. It was a slow-service (in a good way) meal, the lights were dim, the food was amazing, and the company…well, I’m in love with the company, so that was great too!

It was a much-needed peek into another lifestyle. I fully enjoyed the evening out with my husband and I also fully enjoyed coming home to my precious little girl. Life is good.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can she talk?

Two times this weekend, I was asked the same question by two different little girls. I found the answer obvious, but then I realized a child wouldn’t necessarily know the answer. Can she talk? And then after I explained that Sophie is too young to talk just yet, I thought that sounded weird coming out of my mouth. She “talks”. The better word would be “communicate”, but I really feel like Sophie already talks to me.

I know when she’s happy or sad or hurt or excited by her body language and her cries or giggles. I know what she’s thinking by how her eyes look at me. They tell me she wants me to pick her up, that she’s anticipating me tickling her, that she’s tired or she’s mesmerized by something new.

How neat is it that we get to “learn” a new person without them having the ability to speak? A mother knows her child inside and out before he or she can say what he or she likes or dislikes.

So if the question is ever asked again, my answer will be, “Yes, she just doesn’t use words yet.” Unless she is using words by that point…and then the answer will just be, “Yes,” in which case this will be a moot point.

Just one of my thoughts of the day…

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pretty Blues

To our surprise our little Sophie-bean has the most beautiful blue eyes. Sheldon and I have brown and hazel eyes so we thought, naturally, our daughter would have brown eyes.

Still, a little hope remained in the back of my mind because both of our parents (one in each set) has blue eyes and their parents have blue eyes. The genes were there, but I figured brown eyes were always dominant. I felt like it would be silly to pray for my daughter to have blue eyes, especially since what I cared most about was that she was healthy and fully developed. Little did I know that God listens to the littlest of wishes.

Sophie is almost six months old and her blue eyes have just gotten lighter since her birth. I love them. Any chance I get I try to get pictures of my sweet girl's little face.

This week we took pictures in the bluebonnets. We got some good shots of the the bluebonnets and some close-up shots of Sophie's pretty blues.