Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Working Woman’s Beef

It seems a little ridiculous that I would be required to stay in one spot for eight scheduled hours each day if I don’t have any work at that current moment. Is it the temptation of freedom that keeps bosses around the country from allowing their employees to work flex time?

Some weeks I’m swamped. I can’t even make time to chat with co-workers. But other weeks, I have maybe two or three hours’ worth of work to get done. Then what? I sit in my little grey cubicle (some of you have heard this before) and stare blankly at my computer screen while clips of the movie Office Space run through my mind. Women are known as multi-taskers. It drives me crazy that I have no task, let alone enough tasks to multi.

If assigned work is completed and employees are happy, then what is the problem? No one would have to worry about being ten minutes late or leaving early from work. No one would have to worry about being back to work at exactly 12:59 p.m. because they signed out at 11:59 a.m. for lunch. And employees wouldn't bolt out of the office at 4:59 p.m. sharp because they’re sick of staring at their computer screens in their grey cubicles!

I understand that some positions require a schedule, such as teachers and doctors. If doctors didn’t have set schedules, their work would never end; and if teachers didn’t have set schedules, our society’s education would be doomed. However, someone in my position, who has a contract with duties to fulfill within the year, can easily set a schedule to get said duties completed. No one would be doomed.

I’m just saying that some employers should at least give this “flex time” idea a test run for a year. If not that, then fiesta! We should adopt the European work style. Mandatory four weeks vacation per year (minimum), two to three hour lunches each day, and a relaxed time policy, such as, “I’ll be in around 8-ish tomorrow morning.”

Now that my 15 minute daydream break is up, I should get back to staring at my e-mail wondering what I can make-up to work on next.

Note – Notice that I didn’t write any blogs from January 5 to February 8. This means I was swamped at work and didn’t have time for my 15 minute daydream session. I do work…just not when I don’t have anything to do. Please resist the urge to judge.

Friday, February 8, 2008

At a Loss for Words

Literally. I’ve been wracking my brain for things to write about. I’ve got nothin’. Things are normal and on-track. While that’s nice for a change, the situation doesn’t lend to interesting life stories. It would really stink if nothing ever went wrong in life. I would be so flippin’ bored all the time. Not that I want anything to go wrong, I should probably stop talking. The mishap fairies will find me.

Anywho, it’s finally Friday!! I get to sleep in tomorrow…kindof. I’m scrapbooking, which is always fun, so I don’t mind waking up early for that. And Sunday I plan on being a bum. It’s necessary to get re-charged for the working world on Monday.

Next week is Valentine’s Day! Anyone have any special plans they’d like to share? Sheldon claims he got me a present yesterday. I say “claims” because he told me that he got me Dish Network with DVR. What? That’s a man present. He’s just justifying adding a bill to the pile without having to include me in the decision. I’m on to your little plan! I think for Valentine’s Day I’ll get him a diamond heart necklace. Ooo, or some bookshelves for the living room. Yeah, sounds good to me.