Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hot Pink Is For Girls

Maybe there has been some confusion among the masses lately regarding colors that little girls typically wear. I never thought I would be like this, but I’m getting pretty annoyed with people calling my daughter a “fella” or “little guy” or “handsome”. She’s such an obvious diva! Hence the pink, glittery clothes and the white, flowery sandals.

Today Sophie was dressed in something similar to what she’s wearing in this picture.

Specifically, she was wearing the same hat as in the picture, a pair of hot pink plaid pants and a t-shirt with glittery pink lettering on it. To complete her ensemble were a super-cute pair of white sandals with little flowers on the straps. Um, hello… if you lack the ability to notice this much detail in close range, you shouldn’t have driven yourself to the grocery store.

I realize my daughter has very fine, blonde hair that’s not fully grown out yet so I go to great lengths to make it very obvious that she is a girl. To add to my frustration (at other people), my little sweetheart is petite and has dainty features. So out of one’s 50/50 chance to guess the correct gender, why do they look directly at her hair and think, “Well, it doesn’t have shoulder-length hair, so it must be a boy.” And then they go on to say, “What a cute little fella you got there.” Forget that the “fella” is wearing hot pink from head to toe. Argh.

So then I wonder, “Do they really think I would dress my little boy like this”? That is, if she were a boy. Bunch of crazies.