Friday, March 23, 2007

Does this happen to everyone?

A good friend and I were discussing the reality of having babies the other day at lunch. We're both planning on having children eventually, but there's always the question of when. And how does one pinpoint when to start such a challenging venture? I can't speak for my friend, but I've planned in the past when my husband and I should start trying to conceive, and when the time finally rolled around, I chickened out.

While I can plan all I want to for the perfect time of year to give birth, what the child's name should be, what kind of school he or she should go to, and watch Super Nanny on a regular basis to learn how to discipline my child, it still frightens the crap out of me to bring another human being into this world.

How do I know I would be a good mother? How do I know when the time is right to have a baby? Will I just be doing it because everyone else is doing it? And most of all, will I lose my independence? Will I just be known as Kate or Nate's mom for the rest of my life? Does my small career I've barely begun fall into a hole never to be seen again? Would I be OK with that if it did?

It's not like time is ticking away at this point. I'm only 25. But will I still feel like this when I'm 27...29...31? I would love to have children some day, I'm just not sure when some day will arrive.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As the cursor blinks...

The daytime drama of a woman, who day after day stares blankly at a white screen, unable to form the words of the story living within her.

Basically I have fallen prey to writer's block also. Maybe it's the spring-like weather outside. I'm too restless to sit in front of a computer and write to my heart's content. I'd rather be riding my bike or walking my dogs to their heart's content. :)

So, I've taken this opportunity to write while I'm stuck at work, and it's too early to begin working. Literally, I got here at 7:10 a.m. because I carpooled with someone who had to be at work before the crack of dawn! I won't name any know who you are.

I look around my desk and wonder what I'll start working on this morning. As I prioritize the projects in my mind, I lose the desire to write down my thoughts. My thoughts consist of work jargon, schedules, research planning, proper forms to be filled out, upcoming meetings. These aren't things my readership would enjoy with a cup of coffee on a Wednesday morning. So why write? Maybe this is why my creative thoughts have soured.

My free time lately has consisted of watching every crime show on television, making supper, cleaning house, and working out at the gym to get that perfect summer body. These aren't things many people would enjoy reading about, I assume. Except maybe if I go into vivid detail about the nightmare that I had last night because of watching CSI before my bedtime. Well, why not, sharing my dreams has gone over well in the past.

Sheldon and I were visiting Alabama for a cousin's birthday in said nightmare. We began the day riding our bikes to a local swimming hole and taking a dive with the rest of the family and friends. I guess we had made the trip to Alabama for more than a cousin's birthday, because we ended up spending the night in a new house.

The new house had been built by a friend of the family's, and he allowed us to stay in the house for a week to try it out...kindof like a test drive. Common with most Alabama summer nights, the clouds rolled in at sundown. It was stormy. We lit some candles to set the mood...the TV-watching, ice cream-eating mood, that is. Sheldon walked in the kitchen to get the ice cream, and noticed something dripping from the wall next to the side of the fridge.

He stooped down and noticed a hole in the wall where the liquid was coming from. He swiped his finger across part of the soggy wall to see what was dripping. It looked red, but he needed to turn the light on to get a better look at it. I strolled in and flicked the light on to see what was taking so long.

"What is that?!" I yelled. Blood was oozing out of the hole, which was jammed with bananas and white t-shirts. Yes, bananas and white t-shirts.

Sheldon pulled the bananas and t-shirts out of the hole, which just made it worse. Clumps of body matter and blood fell out of the wall at a slow, sickening pace. Like bad milk being released from its carton.

Little did we know, the murderers of this obviously destroyed body, had been watching us from the next house. They were staked out in the top floor with lanterns waiting to see if we'd discover the body hidden so discreetly behind bananas and white t-shirts in the main room of the house.

Sheldon seemed shocked. He couldn't move. I said we should call the cops, wait until they got there, then go stay at my mom's house. We called the cops, but I couldn't wait in the house any longer. We stood outside in the pouring rain waiting for them to show up.

The murderers, realizing that we probably discovered the body because normal people don't randomly stand out in the rain, in the dark, awaiting rescue, headed outside to take care of us.

Shaking in the cold rain, holding a jacket over my head, I noticed two men running toward the house. I called for Sheldon, who had run inside to grab a few things.

And then I woke up. Until tomorrow night...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Cancun, Mexico!! Sheldon and I have booked our vacation to be spent in the lap of luxury on the beach in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Woohoo!

To brag a bit: We're staying in an all-inclusive, five-star hotel right on a strip of pure sugar-sand beachfront. Crystal blue waters will welcome us each morning along with a giant, fresh breakfast. We'll spend the day lounging on the beach, eating, and swimming. We might venture out on an excursion like treetop gliding or swimming with dolphins if we feel the need to remove ourselves from our sunbathing spot.

Restaurants available include Sakura, the Japanese restaurant, Brazilian Rodizio, Grill and Steakhouse, a Spanish cuisine at Tío Pepe restaurant, and Sir Arthur, a gourmet restaurant. Buffets are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well.
Activities include an on-resort gym, ping-pong, beach volleyball, tennis, windsurfing, catamaran (not sure what that is), snorkeling and scuba diving lessons. Golf courses are close by, and obviously, so is "nightly" entertainment.
To prepare for this trip, after 7 long years of no vacations, I need to fill my closet with certain pieces of clothing. Bathing suit cover-ups, a couple new swimsuits, shorts, tanks, more flip-flops, sundresses...I could go on and on. So, if anyone needs a shopping buddy in the May-June timeframe, I'm there!
I've provided some pictures for your enjoyment. Post-June I'll have several personal pictures to share! For now, we'll just have to settle for the professional advertiser's photos. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Beach or Bust

During the planning process of my summer vacation, I've discovered I'm the most indecisive person I know. Actually, I know exactly where I want to go. Said vacation spot doesn't relate well to my budget.
Other than knowing for certain that I'd love to spend a week at an all-inclusive Sandals Resort, I know that I definitely want to be at a pretty beach. I can't pick which beach though. Some of the locations I'm considering are below.

Cancun or Riviera Maya (relatively similar in location).
Pretty beach. All-inclusives available. 4-5 star resorts fit within our budget. I know exactly where my passport is.
I don't speak Spanish. Sheldon can't find his passport. I refuse to change planes in Mexico City; it must be a direct flight. I have to book the vacation early to ensure flight schedule and good prices.
Link to possible hotel


There's really not a point in listing all of this because we can't afford it. But I'll do it anyway.
Love the beaches! Well...from the pictures I've seen. I don't really know anything else about it.
The cost.
Links to possible hotels


Beautiful beaches. Family is close by. I don't have to book anything early. We can drive. The hotels are affordable. It's in the U.S. - no passport required.
Family is close by (*I realize I have this in both categories). The hotels aren't all-inclusive and they're only 1 or 2 star-rated. However, I did find a really cute bed and breakfast, which is extremely affordable.
Link to possible B&B


*Family ranks as a pro and a con on vacation. Pro: I don't live near them so it would be nice to be able to visit everyone while I have a week off in June. Con: I don't want to be overrun with family during my "baby-makin'" vacation. :) So you can see, they don't cancel each other out even though family is listed on both the pros and the cons list.

I think by the time vacation gets here, I won't care where I'm going as long as I'm with my husband and we're going somewhere with pretty water. But you can still comment on what your decision would be. :)