Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Word Girl

Our Little is learning so many words so fast these days. She's a little parrot, spouting off cool words that she hears everyday. It's neat to hear her hear a word and copy it for the first time. Then over the next several days she perfects her new word.

Recently she's been picking up what I call command words, like "more," "milk," and "out". This confuses me because I assume that whenever she uses one of these words, she wants what she is requesting. However, when she says, "out" while in her high chair and I begin to remove her from the high chair, she grabs fistfuls of food like I'm depriving her of her meal and looks at me like, "what do you think you're doing lady!"

What's a mom to do? Though confusing at times, it's still precious to hear new little words come out of her sweet, syrup-kissed mouth. A new favorite of hers: "No!" That one is fun. Especially when it comes out with a southern drawl. Imagine a little Paula Deen yelling, "no" about twenty notches higher than her regular pitch and you've got my daughter.

On her vocab list as of today:
Daddy, Mommy, Nanny, Papaw, Grandpa, cracker, cookie, out, milk, more, I walk (the only word she uses "I" with so far), why, water, no, book, Jack, Mable, Jojo (for Josiah), home, bath. That's all I can think of for now, but a quite extensive list in my biased opinion.

Here's a fun picture of my little Word Girl in utter protest of coming inside on a cold winter's day. Daddy was outside hanging Christmas lights and she insisted that is where she must remain. She had no interest in being inside with Mommy even though Mommy was making yummy Christmas cookies. Daddy's girl.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sophie is walking!

I'm a little behind the times, but I still wanted to share this video from Christmas Eve. Sophie started walking all by herself like a big girl! And I caught it on tape! It was a perfect Christmas present for Mommy and Daddy.

... three weeks later to present time, Sophie's doing a great job walking. We took her to the mall yesterday and the girl walked through the whole mall by herself. Mommy and Daddy guided her direction, but otherwise, she did it by herself. So exciting!