Monday, March 2, 2009


So many milestones, so little time to record them! Sophie has been chuggin’ right along this month on reaching some important milestones. I know they’re probably right on schedule, but it seems like time is flying by. She’s growing up so fast!

Today was her four month well baby visit with Dr. M. Everything went well. She weighs 11 ½ pounds, is 23.5 inches long, and her head circumference is 16 cm. She’s in the 10th percentile for her weight and 25th for her height. She’s small, but she’s healthy and the doc isn’t worried.

I got several of my questions answered regarding starting the little bean on solid foods. So starts the exciting journey of introducing actual food to our girl. We bought some rice cereal and tried it tonight. Maybe Sophie will sleep all night! Fingers are crossed! Here’s how it went tonight.

What is that?

Eww! I don’t know about this new stuff. I think it’s the texture that bothers me. It’s like beans…(haha!)

Ok, fine, I’ll try it again.

Why must you always put that flashy thing in my face? I’m trying to concentrate here.

I guess this rice cereal stuff is alright.

The other milestone this past weekend was rolling over! Sophie rolled over all by herself – from tummy to back and to tummy again. She seemed a bit shocked when she rolled the first time. Arms were spread wide across the floor and eyes were wide open.

I didn’t catch her in the rolling motion, but here are some cute pictures after the fact.

Sophie’s also reaching for everything in sight and throwing little fits when she doesn’t get what she wants. It’s crazy! If it seems like I’m trying to cram all her milestones in one post, it’s because I am. She’s changing so fast I’m afraid these milestones will be outdated before I get a chance to blog again. My little punkin-head will be toddling around before long and all baby-ness will be lost!

I just put her in a 3-6 month size onesie today and it fit her! I was denying the fact that she was getting bigger. Apparently the neck of her onesies being stretched down to her chest when she stood up wasn’t a big enough clue.

Oh, and one more milestone (for Mommy at least) – Sophie rode in the grocery store cart without her carrier today! She sat in the kid seat in the grocery cart like a big girl. It helped that we had a “buggy buddy” – it’s a padded, fabric seat cover. It can be used in high chairs at restaurants also. It worked great and Sophie had so much fun grabbing for groceries I was trying to put in the cart. Sigh…

I want to lock all of these moments in my memory forever as vividly as I remember them today. Contrary to her stats today, my little Sophie-bean won’t be teeny-weeny for long.